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Ron Lucas, an adopted Bermudian, first learnt to dive in 1996. Underwater photography soon became a passion.

In 2008 "Bermuda Reef Portraits" was published by Bermuda Zoological Society (BZS) which is the registered charity that supports the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo. Ron donated some 120 of his best pictures and wrote the majority of the text. This is Bermuda's first comprehensive photo book of common underwater reef creatures. It serves as an introductory ID reference to Bermuda's reef life for both divers and snorkelers.

Ron donates photographs to BZS for educational purposes and to REEF. He also supplies images to Corporate Bermuda. Ron has expanded his image collection to include various Caribbean Islands, Belize, Bonaire, The Great Barrier Reef, Kona, Galapagos, Indonesia and Philippines. He has self published several photo print books/e-books which are available at cost on

Ron uploads posts to Google Earth Oceans Layers for which he was awarded with permission to use the Google Ocean Partner Logo.

In 2012 BZS published "Bermuda Reef Life HD" an app for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and in May 2014 Android devices. The approx. 260 photos and text were donated by Ron.

Enjoy these images and do not hesitate to email him at for further information. Please note the " Copyright Ron Lucas, Bermuda" watermark does not appear on prints.


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